SAP AG selected sPro Ltd

as a development partner for the development of SAP Best Practices Baseline Package for Bulgaria versions 1.603 and 1.606.

Taking into consideration the experience and expertise of the consultants in the broad SAP ERP functionality in 2009 and then for a second consecutive time in 2012 SAP AG selected sPro Ltd as a development partner for the localization of SAP Best Practices Baseline package for Bulgaria.

The projects were performed during the periods July-December 2009 and from October 2012 to March 2013 and were completed within the short timeframe estimated and within budget, which was highly appreciated by the ordering party.

The high quality of the accomplished work by sPro's consultants was summarized by the Project Manager of SAP AG - Yvonne Yu, in one sentence: „It is a pleasure to cooperate with your team, all of you are dedicated to your work."

SAP Best Practices Baseline Package (Bulgaria) is a preconfigured solution for the small and mid-size eneterprises which offers generic, core business scenarios covering all key business processes - from distribution and logistics to accounting and servicing. This industry-generic SAP Best Practices processes include: Annual operating plan, Sales & operations planning, MRP, Procure-to-pay, Order-to-cash, Make-to-stock production, Financial management, and Accounting.

SAP Best Practices Baseline Package (Bulgaria) represents a fully-functional ERP system, preconfigured for this set of processes. The end users receive detailed user manuals in Bulgarian language including the predefined master data which enables them to execute all the processes by themselves. System administrators, on their behalf, receive configuration guides with detailed description of all the setup and templates for the automatic migration of transactional data.

The main goal that SAP Best Practices Baseline Package aims at is to satisfy the need for a reliable and solid ERP solution on the market. The small and mid-size enterprises can take advantage of a low-cost yet professional ERP software, which reduces implementation time, consulting expenses and the overall price.

SAP Best Practices Baseline package contains 35 years of experience of leading consultants and over 40,000 customers, collected in a library of SAP business processes.SAP Best Practices Baseline Package is an easy way to transfer know-how to the customer, so far as the implementation is performed in fact by the customer under the supervising guidance of the consultants. Designed with industry experts, checked and tested preconfigured modules cover up to 80% of industry's requirements.

SAP Best Practices quickly turns the standard SAP software into a live system, personalized to meet the specific customer requirements.

    Use SAP Best Practices to reduce costs. Customers who use SAP Best Practices have been able to reduce their consulting resources by an average of 50%.
    Use SAP Best Practices to save time. Project duration is reduced by an average of 22%.
    Use SAP Best Practices to reduce risk. Preconfiguration and step-by-step documentation help to avoid possible mistakes.


The Baseline package is available in more than 50 localized country versions and is used by more than 100 000 customers. It is the first time that such an investment is made by SAP AG for Bulgaria and this can be considered as a natural outcome of the company's policy on the Bulgarian market.

For more detailed information on SAP Best Practices Baseline Package (Bulgaria) and the accompanying documentation, please refer to: