About sPro ltd.

sPro ltd. is an SAP consulting company, established in 2008 by a group of SAP professionals with extensive knowledge and long-term experience in the area of ERP consulting and information technologies.

  1. We are a company of owners. Owners take results personally.
  2. Leadership by personal example is the best description of our culture.
  3. We do as we say.
  4. We believe common sense and simplicity are better than unnecessary complexity and sophistication.
  5. Our focus on results allow us devote out time and energy to what is essential for the business. Results are the driving force of our company.
  6. We are never completely satisfied with our achievements.
  7. We rely on cost management, to free up resources that will support top-line growth.
  8. We believe integrity, hard work and consistency are the solid base for building our company.